OfficeRocket is a values-driven company.

We believe that work simplification is the key to clarity. We drive to clarity so that we may:

  • Fully commit to our clients’ success
  • Make our products and services as simple and user friendly as possible
  • Approach every engagement with humility and confidence
  • Demonstrate respect and rational compassion
  • Open ourselves to learning from our clients
  • Accept resistance as a natural and healthy condition of change

Carlos Venegas, President and Principal Consultant

Carlos Venegas began his Lean journey at The Boeing Company in 1996. Mr. Venegas completed Boeing’s Lean Certification Program for both kaizen workshops and value stream mapping workshops. His training included classroom work, independent study, written tests, and facilitating both factory and non-factory workshops. For two years he worked under the guidance of Shingijutsu consultants on various Lean workshop projects that ranged from the shop floor to the office. He completed two study missions to Japan to examine the Japanese approach to Production Preparation Process and Kanban.

While at Boeing, Mr. Venegas led a number of Lean implementations, including within a shared services group with a $3 billion budget and over 7,000 employees. Venegas’s role was to develop a way to support Lean facilitators located throughout North America. One of his solutions was to develop, program, and deploy a Lean web site designed for Lean facilitators and workshop team members. By using this web site, the Lean implementation process was standardized nation-wide, updates in tools and training materials were instantly distributed, Lean facilitators could focus on Lean and not worry about maintaining their own toolbox, and the web site gave the departments a sense of confidence in the Lean Office.

In 2006, Mr. Venegas launched Straus Forest LLC, d/b/a OfficeRocket. Office Rocket is a consulting, coaching, and training organization specializing in guiding organizations to improve processes, simplify work, engage employees, and alleviate struggle. His services reduce production costs, increase profits, and free up capacity for growth and expansion. His client list includes iStores, Yamaha, Maxcess/Tidland, King County, the City of Seattle, Washington State, and the EPA.



MA in Applied Behavioral Science, Leadership Institute of Seattle