Lean Workshop Support

There are three main phases in the process improvement workshop project:


PHASE 1  Preparation

A successful workshop depends on successful preparation. Preparation is the first key phase of the project. In this phase, important inputs for the workshop are created. For an organization that is preparing for a multi-day workshop, OfficeRocket recommends allowing four to six weeks for this phase.


Sponsor / Charter Meeting

Preparation begins with the 2-hour Sponsor / Charter meeting. In this meeting, the sponsor and the team leader meet with the consultant to develop the first draft of the charter, and to clarify roles and responsibilities.

Here are downloads for the Sponsor / Charter meeting:

Are You the Sponsor.pdf

Sponsorship Guide.pdf

Charter Template.ppt

Workshop Supply List.docx

Team Orientation Meeting

Next, everyone on the team, including the sponsor, attend a 2-hour Team Orientation meeting.

In this meeting. . . 

1.  The team is introduced to the charter, and have an opportunity to make adjustments during the meeting or afterwards

2.  They are also introduced to the structure of the workshop and the roles they will play.

3.  The team learns about data collection and receives their data-collection assignments.

Here are the downloads for the Team Orientation meeting (each team member should receive a copy):

Work Breakdown Instructions.pdf

Work Breakdown Example.pdf

Work Breakdown Template.docx

Spaghetti Chart Template.pdf

Spaghetti Chart Example.pdf


PHASE 2  Workshop

Workshops traditionally are 3 to 5 days long, but this is not a rule. The workshop length will depend on the following factors:

  • Complexity of the organization
  • Organization goals
  • Size of the team
  • Process boundaries: what’s in, what’s out

Here are downloads for the workshop (print one per team member):

Action Item List.xlsx

Office Waste Checklist.pdf

Process Map Legend.pdf

Final Report-out Agenda.pptx

Final Report-out Presentation Tips.docx


PHASE 3  Implementation

This phase ultimately determines whether the workshop will be successful or not. People tend to like the feeling of accomplishment that they experience in the workshop. The more mundane day-to-day work afterwards is less satisfying and exciting, but this is where the real pay-off is achieved.


We view workshops as an extended project rather than as a three or five-day event. The workshop itself becomes a waste unless it is preceded by thorough preparation and followed by adequate effort to implement and sustain the improvements.


30 / 60 / 90 Day Report-outs

We provide support through 30-, 60-, and 90-day report-outs and leadership coaching. The report-outs give the team a venue to report to management their progress with implementing and sustaining the improvements. We provide coaching to management so they get the most out of their investment in Lean.


Here are the downloads for Phase 3:

Action Item List.xlsx

30-60-90 Day Review Agenda.pptx

30-60-90 Day Progress Report.pptx

Post Workshop Activities.pdf